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Every year, KL&A employees work diligently on various projects. All year long. Each project has its own set of setbacks and triumphs. The setbacks are handled gracefully with patience and perseverance. While the triumphs are proudly celebrated among everyone. KL&A’s employees do all of that while maintaining excellent client relationships. They are simply the best at what they do. And they’re dedication is unparalleled.

Those are only some of the qualities that show the incredible character of our employees, which is why KL&A realizes that their employees are the single greatest asset to them. Although KL&A has implemented many policies, perks, and benefits that try to support that claim, there is one night of the year that really proves it. The Annual KL&A Holiday Party. 

The holiday party is the best, most extravagant event of the year. It’s one of the ways the company honors the hard-work and dedication of their employees. The holiday party is a symbol of the company’s gratitude. KL&A goes above and beyond to provide their employees with something that is extraordinary and memorable. And KL&A’s leadership team spares no expense. It’s truly a festive and magical experience. 

This year, KL&A pulled out all the stops. The KL&A Holiday Party was held at the luxurious Wabeek Country Club in Bloomfield Hills. The night was filled with posh decorations, culinary delicacies, dancing and jolly good fun. The mock-casino area was particularly fun with popular tables like craps, blackjack, and roulette. And at the end of the night, employee “winnings” served as donations which KL&A plans to distribute among three local charities.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a KL&A Holiday Party without a photo booth, a new KL&A tradition. The booth provides so much fun and laughter, both during and well after the party ends. These photos serve as a joyful reminder that KL&A employees are the best.

Purely for your enjoyment, and possibly their embarrassment, here are some lovely holiday photos.


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