Third Party Liability Solutions

Helping states recover billions for Medicaid.

Third Party Liability Solutions

Helping states recover billions for Medicaid.

Third Party Liability Solutions

Helping states recover billions for Medicaid.

Not your average one-size-fits-all fix.

Medicaid third party liability (TPL) recovery can be complex. That’s why we build custom solutions from the ground up around both TPL’s unique needs and processes, and yours. 

Our modular services are designed to support state-specific Medicaid needs while meeting federal requirements. We develop software that integrates with any Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS), supports remote work access, and makes the CMS certification process a breeze. Whether you’re in need of a better or different TPL solution, a specific module, or additional functionality, our team of experts will work with you throughout the entire process.

You name it, we build it.

No matter how niche you think your needs might be, our experts can help. We’ve successfully helped states address their most complex and unique TPL challenges on everything from legacy system modernization to providing real-time, detailed monitoring dashboards. And that’s just a fraction of what KL&A can do. We’ll leverage our various existing TPL technologies to customize an approach just for you. Commercial off-the-shelf? Nah, we build differently. So go ahead and lay it on us.

Health Subrogation

Streamline your claim recovery process to put more money back into your Medicaid program with standard features like claim identification of responsible parties, payer onboarding support, enhanced oversight tools and more – all ready to be customized for your unique billing needs.

Insurance Coverage

Bulk up your cost avoidance efforts with convenient coverage file matching from insurance companies and Medicaid members in your state. Whether it’s validating information from a public online portal or mapping coverage files to custom formats, the opportunities to improve the coverage in your MMIS are endless.

Lead Generation

Easily identify and generate leads by leveraging our custom software and broad-spectrum online sourcing. No matter the source, we can feed it into any additional TPL module or existing system to automate the process. The lead generation opportunities are endless; Trauma Edit Questionnaires, public submission portals, and more for any type of lead or system.

Legal Liability Case Management

Looking to track recovery efforts from third parties? We can set up your system for anything from liability insurance to estate recovery and everything in between. We can create software designed to save you time with correspondence templates, a public submission portal, and anything else you need to work efficiently.

Managed Care Subrogation

Whether you’re a Managed Care Organization looking for us to handle the heavy lifting of subrogation on your behalf or a TPL department in need of more oversight into your MCOs, we’ve got both covered!

Vendor Oversight

Outsourcing to various vendors? Working 100% in-house? Somewhere in between? We can still help in any situation. Increase transparency between you and your vendor (including us!) or oversee your own work output with insight on everything claim and recovery related through user-friendly dashboards and detailed reports. Yes, you really can have it all.

We’d bet on these results.

We believe in the value of a dollar. That means no claim minimums. We go after any and every claim size for maximum return. Yes, even a dollar. When it comes to a good cause and a job well done, we’re proud to be overachievers.

Total recoveries to date for the State of Michigan as a result of using our Third Party Electronic Database (TED) Software & services:

Increase in the state of Michigan’s Medicaid program recoveries from the first year of onboarding their payers to KL&A’s solution:

We’re here for more than just a sale.

While many services exist to handle the entire state Medicaid program, that’s not always the best solution for your TPL division. We understand that a separate TPL service or system may be different from what you currently have and we’re excited to show you all the benefits to a modular solution that’s designed with not just your needs in mind, but your wants as well. Our unique software configurations allow us to provide flexibility whether you’re in need of a service to accompany your custom solution, are looking to take your work in-house, or prefer it à la carte.

But we’re not just here to sell you software. Our approach focuses on what matters most; Empowering your TPL staff through our software to work more efficiently to recover maximum returns. Since 2005, KL&A’s TPL Practice’s sole focus and passion is for Medicaid third-party liability recovery. Where else can you find a team of experienced software developers who live and breathe TPL as much as you do?

Current system a liability?

We can change that. Let’s upgrade you to a system that allows you to work smarter, not harder.

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