We are just what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for your first job or just something different, we have just the thing. We offer job opportunities in a variety of positions, including software engineering, UX/UI design, technical writing, formal testing, and program and project management. You’ll work in a fun and collaborative environment alongside others that are just as passionate as you are. We’ll encourage you to challenge yourself and give you the opportunity to grow into other positions that you might be interested in.

Start experiencing what it feels like to not worry about where you’ll work next. Once you’re here, you’ll never feel the need to add another employer to your résume again. Talk about refreshing, right?

Open Positions

Womp, womp. We aren’t used to disappointing people, so it pains us to say that we don’t have any open positions at the moment. But of course, that could all change in the near future. It really just depends on how well our sales team is doing. No pressure on them or anything 🙂 

Internships & Co-Ops

What better way to prepare yourself for the real world than to spruce up your resume before graduation?

We offer paid internships and co-operative learning experiences that are tailored to help you succeed. You won’t be answering phones, stuffing envelopes, or grabbing coffees. You’ll be writing real code on a real project. You’ll be actively involved in learning the many aspects of this industry. All while being provided with a creative and fun work environment and the newest technologies at your fingertips. We’ll work very hard to ensure you are treated like an employee because ultimately our hope is that you become one!

If you’re looking for an internship, then please send us your résumé and a little bit about yourself to recruiting@kunzleigh.com.

Discover how green the grass can be.

There’s plenty of reasons why you should want to work at KL&A, our culture being one of them.

Kunz, Leigh and Associates (KL&A) is a software development and professional services company currently serving the private and public sectors in Michigan and Ohio.

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