OKEMOS, MI, April 11, 2023 – Kunz, Leigh and Associates (KL&A) announces the recent retirement of KL&A Co-Founder John Leigh as of March 31, 2023.

Mr. Leigh began his career as a developer working on large mainframe systems before moving into various management and leadership roles. In May 1992, he co-founded KL&A with partner Jim Kunz. The pair spent the early days establishing the basis of a strong partnership and sound company. 

For the last 30 years, Mr. Leigh devoted himself to KL&A, nurturing its growth by being a passionate, thoughtful, and selfless leader. Upon learning of Mr. Leigh’s plan to retire, fellow KL&A partners reflected on the impact that he has had on the company, its culture, and its staff throughout the years.

“John has excellent intuition,” Kunz stated. “He is generally able to assess a situation quickly and accurately, separate the wheat from the chaff, and develop a solid course of action. I’m going to miss having him available as a sounding board now that he’s retired.”

From the very beginning, Mr. Leigh viewed KL&A as a singular entity that consisted of the employees, the clients, and the company’s values. It’s what he believed made for a great company and undoubtedly contributed to the company’s overall growth and success. His leadership, wisdom, and positive attitude set an example that helped guide the company forward over the years.

“One reason KL&A has been successful is because of John’s ability to dream big and inspire his employees to do more than they thought possible,” commented KL&A Partner Tim Hollosy. “He always made KL&A a platform for the things the staff wanted to accomplish. This skill was essential in KL&A successfully transitioning through multiple paradigms over the years from mainframe to desktop computing, from desktop to web-based, from web applications to cloud computing and beyond.” 

Under Mr. Leigh’s leadership, KL&A has been able to deliver over 340 successful software solutions and IT consulting projects to numerous governmental and private sector organizations, including the development and implementation of several multi-million dollar projects and oversight for some of the largest implementations for the State of Michigan. He also taught many young employees what it truly means to be successful in the consulting industry by demonstrating the importance of honest and respectful communication.

“John is a very respectable and giving man,” stated KL&A Partner Justin Shaulis. “He gave me an opportunity that I am not sure I would have had anywhere else, and he taught me a lot about consulting and business in general. For that, I am incredibly grateful to him and for the opportunity to continue building upon his legacy and vision for the company.”

“As KL&A continues to transform, we will all be better to remember and keep alive the culture he started,” added Hollosy. “This is a culture of professionalism, charity, fellowship, and respect for each other.”

In typical KL&A fashion, the company’s employees and their families were brought together to honor and celebrate Mr. Leigh’s successful 50-year career with a farewell celebration back on Saturday, March 18th at the University Club of MSU.

About KL&A

KL&A is an information technology solutions provider with over 145 employees and two offices in the State of Michigan. Founded in 1992 by partners Jim Kunz and John Leigh, KL&A’s small but highly qualified staff laid the foundation for the company’s success. Over the past 30 years, KL&A has formed several long-lasting relationships with clients which have resulted in substantial organic growth in annual revenue, service offerings, and staff members. Visit KL&A’s website to learn more and explore current job opportunities.

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