Pandemic-Driven Feedback Sparks Significant Changes at KL&A

OKEMOS, MI, Nov. 9, 2020 — Kunz, Leigh & Associates (KL&A) has been named a Top Workplace by the Detroit Free Press for the third year in a row.

In the midst of a global pandemic, KL&A is humbled to be named a Top Workplace during this unpredictable and challenging year. Of the 2,707 organizations invited to complete the survey this year, only 150 were recognized as Top Workplaces in Michigan. 

Top Workplace recipients are selected based on employee feedback obtained through an anonymous survey administered by a reputable, third-party research firm. The survey measures multiple cultural factors to determine how well employees feel aligned, connected, supported and heard within their company. Each organization’s survey responses are then compared to benchmarks that are generated from the survey responses of thousands of companies aspiring to be recognized as a Top Workplace.

As KL&A employees took the survey while under the State’s executive stay at home order, KL&A’s leadership saw it as a great opportunity to obtain employee feedback and, more specifically, how working remotely impacted the company’s culture.

Since March 13th, all KL&A office locations have been temporarily closed due to the rampant spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). However, KL&A adapted quickly by already having the tools and technologies in place which allowed employees to begin working remotely, and still remain connected, productive and engaged. As a result, KL&A was able to continue the work for their clients without any interruptions. 

“The results from the 2020 Top Workplace survey really showed how well our staff has adapted to the virtual environment,” said KL&A Co-founder and Partner, Jim Kunz. “We’ve been faced with new challenges, to be sure, but our staff has shown some of the same creativity and innovation in responding to these challenges as they have shown in designing and developing innovative system solutions for our clients.”

Each year, KL&A’s leadership views the survey results as an opportunity to do better. The previous two survey results helped KL&A craft new strategies for improving communication, transparency, and engagement. And although KL&A will continue to focus on improving those areas, this year’s feedback has prompted significant changes to other important areas that were reprioritized as a result of the pandemic. 

“The pandemic has been a catalyst for change within the company. It has been an eye opening experience for members of leadership and HR, and KL&A will be better for it,” said KL&A HR Representative, Jessica Carnacchi. 

The executive order to remain at home caused many KL&A employees to reevaluate what is important to them when it comes to their work environment. It also provided KL&A employees with the opportunity to prove that they can work remotely without compromising quality, something many employees have expressed interest in over the years. As a result, the survey results only solidified the fact that certain changes were inevitable. 

KL&A’s primary focus has always been on the health of the company and its employees, and it’s important to them that their employees feel like they are being heard. Therefore, KL&A has already begun implementing several significant policy changes, including more flexible remote work and dress code policies. KL&A’s leadership is hopeful that the new changes will not only help to improve employee satisfaction but help attract new talent as well. Although maintaining KL&A’s company culture has proved to be challenging while being remote, KL&A is committed to making sure that all employees continue to feel connected. The company has even implemented virtual alternatives for those outlets which promoted fun, health, and wellbeing among employees while working in the office.

KL&A has recognized that the events of this year have greatly impacted the company in a way that will truly be for the betterment of KL&A’s future. The company knows it has been a difficult and challenging year for everyone and, therefore, feels even more honored and grateful to be recognized as a 2020 Top Workplace.

About KL&A

KL&A is an information technology solutions provider with over 100 employees and two offices in the State of Michigan. Founded in 1992 by partners Jim Kunz and John Leigh, KL&A’s small, but highly-qualified staff, laid the foundation for the company’s success. Over the past 28 years, KL&A has formed several long-lasting relationships with clients which has resulted in substantial organic growth in annual revenue, service offerings, and staff members. The secret to KL&A’s success, in both business and as an employer, lies in understanding the importance of balancing work and play. Visit KL&A’s website to learn more and explore current job opportunities.

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