Michigan’s Department of Agriculture & Rural Development Partners with KL&A to Implement A New Food Inspection and Enforcement System for the Food and Dairy Division.

OKEMOS, MI, JULY 29, 2020 — Kunz, Leigh & Associates (KL&A), a Midwest leader in custom software solutions, has been awarded a multi-year contract for the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) to deliver a new, robust food inspection and enforcement system that will scale to meet the needs of the Food and Dairy Division (FDD).

Since 1896, the State of Michigan has had a long history protecting public health by governing the safety of food and related products. The FDD closely works with a variety of consumers, regulators, and food industry partners to verify that any food produced, distributed, and sold in Michigan is safe and wholesome. Although they have many responsibilities, their top priority is to protect Michigan’s public health by ensuring a safe and wholesome food supply, while working to sustain a successful food and dairy industry. 

This partnership with KL&A will provide MDARD’s FDD with a modern, standards-compliant web application that will streamline data entry, processing and analysis of FDD inspection and enforcement actions. KL&A’s extensive experience with inspection, licensing and enforcement functions will be leveraged to help meet FDD’s specific business and data needs. It will allow FDD to more accurately and efficiently inspect and regulate a wide variety of Michigan establishments to ensure better food safety practices, and the identification and resolution of public health issues relating to food safety.

“KL&A’s past experience will ensure the successful delivery of a brand-new, customized solution that will fulfill all of their needs,” said KL&A Partner, Dave Desrochers, “We are extremely excited to continue our relationship with MDARD and partner with them on another mission critical system that positively impacts Food and Dairy Division users as well as Michigan’s citizens and businesses.”

The new food inspection and enforcement system will provide all the functionality needed to perform all inspection and enforcement activities with scalability to support increased oversight activities, business functions and processes. The new solution will provide FDD field and office staff with a variety of user-friendly features and robust capabilities to streamline a majority of their business processes. It will provide an enhanced user experience by leveraging responsive design features and data re-use, integrate with the State of Michigan’s GIS implementation to provide geospatial searching and mapping functionality, employ FDD-defined validations and business rules to ensure data integrity, and generate various comprehensive reports.

KL&A has been developing innovative systems for State of Michigan agencies, like MDARD, since 1993. The new inspection and enforcement system will meet the Food and Dairy Division’s specific business and data needs so they can focus on their mission. KL&A is thrilled to work with the state, yet again, to assist the FDD in their effort to ensure public food safety while maintaining a thriving food and dairy industry for Michigan. This new project aligns with KL&A’s aspirations to better serve their community and the State of Michigan. For more information about the FDD, please visit the MDARD – Food and Dairy website.

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KL&A is a custom software and information technology systems provider with over 100 employees and two offices in the State of Michigan. Founded in 1992 by partners Jim Kunz and John Leigh, KL&A’s small, but highly qualified staff, laid the foundation for the company’s success. Over the past 28 years, KL&A has formed several long-lasting relationships with clients which has resulted in substantial organic growth in annual revenue, service offerings, and staff members. With clients in Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota and Illinois, KL&A is gaining momentum in the Midwest as a leading software development company. The secret to KL&A’s success, in both business and as an employer, lies in understanding the importance of balancing work and play. Visit KL&A’s website to learn more and explore current job opportunities.

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