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Throughout the month of December, employees everywhere have highly anticipated their holiday vacations which are starting this week. The break from work life is the perfect chance to unwind, refresh, and be present with loved ones. Parents are wishing for “work snow days” more so than their own kids, colleagues participate in White Elephant gift exchanges, and at the very least, everyone is counting down the hours until they can officially “clock out” for the holidays.

Between holiday shopping, crowded malls, awkward family photos, and snowman building, there is one night of the year that the KL&A staff looks forward to the most. This past weekend, KL&A hosted their 26th annual Holiday Party for their entire staff. And like everything that KL&A does for their employees, no expense was spared. The night was full of luxuries, great company, and wickedly good fun.

The Holiday Party was held just around the corner from the Okemos office at the University Club of MSU in one of their, big, beautiful banquet rooms. This was our second year having it located there, and I got to say…KL&A’s Administrative Assistant, Carrie, and the University Club staff did a phenomenal job planning this year’s celebration.

Based on my past experience with previous employers, as well as the stories I’ve heard from others, I’ve come to realize that the employees at KL&A are pretty spoiled (and super thankful) when it comes to the Holiday Party. There was an insane spread of appetizers (sushi for days), a premium open bar, a royal feast of a dinner (which even included mashed potatoes served in a posh martini glass), a pianist who serenaded the group during cocktail hour and dinner, and a 6-piece live cover band to spice things up after dinner. Let’s not forget the dessert station that made it a little too easy to pop another bit size piece of deliciousness into your mouth on your way to the dance floor, or the bar.

You can forget your ugly sweater at home! This party was so fancy that many of us felt like the only thing missing was a bride and groom! It was the kind of party that blows any other company festivity out of the water. Go big or go home, right? Being a new attendee myself, it was a party that was beyond any other celebration I have previously attended. The fun began with warm hugs, and season greetings; each of us engaging in casual conversations. But as the live music started to play and the night went on, that is when the real fun began. Everyone became full of holiday cheer. There’s nothing better than seeing your co-workers out of their comfort zones, barriers down, and striking up conversations with people they normally wouldn’t. From the start, you could feel the comradery between everyone.

The photobooth at our holiday party was my favorite part! Each year, the booth ends up providing so much fun and laughter; and even some blackmail worthy material. What kind of tech company would we be without digital evidence of shenanigans and newly-found friendships? Whether it was the liquid courage, or just the holiday spirit, these photos serve as a joyful reminder that our company culture is without a doubt the heart of KL&A.

For purely your enjoyment, and their embarrassment, we decided to share some of our favorites.

The night ended in true KL&A style with dance lessons in the new old-fashioned way, flossing. That’s right Justin Meese, there’s video evidence.

Hopefully, you and your colleagues can enjoy the upcoming holidays just as much as we have at KL&A! In order to fully give our staff, the time off they deserve, we won’t be publishing anything on The Pour Over until after January 1st.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to you!


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