How we review and assess the existing state of Jira setups.


How we review and assess the existing state of Jira setups.


How we review and assess the existing state of Jira setups.

No need to study for this assessment, we’ve got all the answers.

KL&A will review and assess your existing Jira configurations and recommend suggestions on how to improve it.

No matter what your subject matter is, we can tackle any issue.

Many organizations prefer the Atlassian ecosystem because of its extensive configurability options that allow disciplines such as development, project management, marketing, human resources, finances, and more to tailor Atlassian’s products to meet their unique needs. However, a lack of coordinated planning and upkeep of Jira configurations can result in a variety of frustrating issues for users, such as:


Configurations becoming too complex that users no longer feel confident using the software.


Jira site administration taking too long resulting in time away from actual work.


Things just not working the way they should resulting in decreased site performance.


Creating a new project feature ends up taking longer than the actual project itself.


And experiencing any or all of these issues making users fall out of love with Jira when things once worked so well!

How we’ll get you an A+ Jira set up!

How can you avoid these issues and optimize your configuration? That’s where we come in! KL&A will assess your existing Jira site(s) and provide recommendations to ensure you’re getting the most out of your product. And here’s how we’ll do it:


KL&A will review your existing project and administrative configurations to determine the current state of its operations. With temporary administrative access, our experts will review the existing Jira site to record noteworthy observations and questions to ask.


After reviewing the Jira site, we will facilitate discovery sessions to understand the history, operation, and reasoning behind the current configurations. Having this background context will help us provide an accurate assessment to the organization.


Finally, our experts will analyze and produce an assessment of the current Jira site. This assessment will include a summary of the background usage and reasons that led to the current state of the Jira site. It will also include recommendations on how to optimize the Jira site for greater efficiency.

Need help implementing? We’re always down for some extra credit.

As much as we love talking setup strategy, we wear multiple hats under the Atlassian umbrella. So if you’re looking to speed up the optimization process, one of our experts can work with your organization to implement the recommendations identified in the assessment.  Check out our Configuration page to learn more about this process.

Pencils down! Time to fix up your Jira site.

Let us help you get the most out of your Atlassian products.

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